When will the 2022 BMW i4 be available?

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2022 BMW i4 release date

Do you desire the all-new BMW i4? You may need to get in line. This model is getting a lot of attention and it isn’t even out yet. We can give you info including the 2022 BMW i4 release date and how you can get one of your own in Topeka, KS. You can also check out our current new BMW inventory at BMW & Volkswagen of Topeka by clicking the link below.

What is the 2022 BMW i4?

If you didn’t know what the 2022 BMW i4 was to begin with, we can help you out there and tell you why you should be excited. The i4 is an all-electric car, and though the i4 isn’t the first all-electric car from BMW, one of its trims does have the distinction of being the first all-electric BMW M. It has two models with the BMW i4 eDRIVE 40 and the performance-oriented BMW i4 M50.

Official release date for the 2022 BMW i4

2022 BMW i4 white passenger side view while charging
Cars are not like movies. They don’t adhere to strict release dates, and availability tends to trickle in as cars roll off the production line and get shipped across the world. These days with chip shortages and shipping issues, availability can be thrown even more into question.

However, with all that said, BMW still has plans for deliveries of the i4 to dealerships and customers to begin in autumn of this year. Specifically, in November 2021. That release timeline is for both variants of the BMW i4.

How to get a BMW i4 in Topeka, KS

If you have an interest in the BMW i4, you should reach out to your friends at BMW & Volkswagen of Topeka. You can contact us directly of course, but you can also visit our 2022 BMW i4 reservation page on our BMW site by clicking the link below.

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