BMW Model Comparisons

BMW 3 Series

As one of the most beloved entry-level luxury vehicles of all time, the BMW 3 Series speaks for itself. The option of a sedan, hatchback, or wagon body makes the 3 Series a versatile performer, right for any driver.

2020 BMW 3 Series
--vs 2019 Genesis G70
2019 BMW 3 Series
--vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class
2018 BMW 3 Series
--vs Lexus ES
--vs Lexus IS
--vs Audi A4
--vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class
2017 BMW 3 Series
--vs Mercedes-Benz C-Class
2016 BMW 3 Series vs: Lexus IS
2015 BMW 3 Series vs: BMW 4 Series; Audi A4


BMW's mid-size luxury crossover is king of the road. Offering plenty of space, the performance and efficiency of a much smaller SUV, and more than the luxurious one should expect from a premium SUV, the X5 is pure BMW.

2021 BMW X5
--vs 2021 Audi Q7
2019 BMW X7
--vs Mercedes-Benz GLS
2018 BMW X5
--vs Mercedes-Benz GLE
--vs Audi Q7
2017 BMW X5
--vs Audi Q5
--vs Porsche Cayenne
2015 BMW X5 VS 2015 BMW X3

BMW 5 Series

2020 BMW 5 Series
-vs Genesis G80
2018 BMW 5 Series
--vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class
2017 BMW 5 Series
--vs Mercedes-Benz E-Class
--vs Audi A6
--vs BMW 4 Series
2016 BMW 5 Series vs: Mercedes-Benz E-Class; Audi A6