2019 BMW X3 Vs. 2019 Lexus NX

2019 BMW X3 Vs. 2019 Lexus NX split screen comparison

Small SUVs that still offer plenty of luxury and performance are a rare breed. Many models which compete this segment are unable to offer an uncompromised experience, sacrificing either the comfort of the vehicle for a big engine or the performance of the vehicle for a smooth-riding, car-like experience. With the evocative and legendary power of German engineering, however, the engineers at BMW have accomplished just this balance in the 2019 BMW X3 SUV.

Today, we’re comparing the 2019 BMW X3 to another vehicle that attempts to lure those who need a small SUV with comfort, convenience and performance. We’re talking about the 2019 Lexus NX SUV. Let’s see how they compare!

2019 BMW X3


2019 Lexus NX

2.0-liter turbo (248 horsepower) Base engine (horsepower) 2.0-liter turbo (235 horsepower)
8-speed automatic Transmission 6-speed automatic
26 EPA-estimated Combined MPG 25 EPA-estimated
112.8 inches Wheelbase 104.7 inches
Up to 4,400 lbs. Towing capacity Up to 2,000 lbs.
Up to 62.7 cubic feet Cargo capacity Up to 54.6 cubic feet
12 speakers Audio system 8 speakers
18-inch alloy Standard wheels 17-inch alloy
Yes Standard rain-sensing wipers? No
$41,000 MSRP $36,485

BMW Proves Powerful Contender in Exclusive Luxury Small SUV Segment

As the chart above illustrates, the 2019 Lexus NX goes about 2/3 of the way as far as the 2019 BMW X3 does.

For BMW, offering a compelling driving experience, comfort and style are center stage while the Lexus falls back on its parent brand Toyota’s push for value. It’s less expensive, sure. To get there, however, you have to sacrifice a lot.

Starting with the performance, the BMW X3 offers a more powerful standard engine, over double the maximum towing capacity and a smooth-shifting, 8-speed automatic transmission that is able to wring more miles out of every gallon you put into it.

Inside, it’s more passenger-focused with an enhanced audio system, superior comfort features and more than 10% more cargo volume than the Lexus NX offers.

Ultimately, BMW is a driving machine and as such, should be driven to be experienced. To test out the 2019 BMW X3 for yourself, contact us today to schedule a test drive!