2019 BMW 4 Series in Topeka KS

2019 BMW 4 Series Exterior Design Front Grille

There are plenty of sports cars out there that possess all looks that buyers in the market for a higher-end car are looking for, but a surprisingly low number that are able to deliver a bite as big as their bark. The BMW 4 Series delivers the perfect balance of aesthetics and performance, and includes a number of other benefits to boot. With a closer look at all three styles—Coupe, Convertible and Gran Coupe—it is easy to see that regardless of body, the wide range of stunning capabilities helps to put the 4 Series at the top of its class. It’s no wonder why so many Topeka residents continue to flock to this one-of-a-kind BMW.

Learn More About the BWM 4 Series

Available beneath the hood of every 4 Series sits a BMW TwinPower Turbo engine that is strategically placed to lower the center of gravity and to maximize performance. It ramps up the handling capabilities and provides responsive steering unlike ever before. The agility is absolutely necessary as the aforementioned engine manages to deliver as much as 320 horsepower while also possessing the ability to bring the speedometer from a dead stop to sixty miles per hour in under five seconds—4.6, to be exact. With numbers like that, you can see what we mean about the 4 Series performance matching its design.

Not surprisingly, the 2019 BMW 4 Series not only meets, but exceeds the high standards that the BMW brand has, and continues to set, for the interior of their vehicles. Inside, you will find well-placed controls that ensure that every syste—such as the touchscreen interface and redesigned gearshifter—is just a touch away. The interior is not only stylish, but practical, allowing you full control to customize everything from the temperature to the drive mode in seconds. Helping to keep you snug are body-hugging Sport seats that come wrapped in premium fabrics, all available with upholstery options to fit your personality.

Here at BMW of Topeka, we have a wide range of BMW 4 Series models, and can help to pair you to the one that best fits you. We can get into the colors, customization options and other small details when you get here, but just know that if you are after a BMW that offers a healthy mix of power, design and practicality, that the 4 Series is the one for you. We look forward to introducing you to our complete inventory, and to getting you behind the wheel so that you can feel that TwinPower Turbo engine for yourself.