2019 BMW 3 Series Technology Features

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Dynamic, engaging and ready to change the way you think about small sedans forever, the 2019 BMW 3 Series is the best 3 Series yet. From the aggressive, yet sophisticated design, to the range of engine options that perfectly embody the heritage of German engineering, the all-new 3 Series ushers in a new era for both BMW and the automotive industry as a whole.

The 2019 BMW 3 Series is more than just a pretty face and an invigorating powertrain, however. Loaded with some of the industry’s latest-and-greatest comfort and convenience technology, the 2019 BMW 3 Series feels a lot like stepping into the future and then launching it to 60 miles per hour in less time than you can recite the name of Marty McFly’s girlfriend from “Back to the Future.”

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Active Protection and Active Guard

Standard on every 2019 BMW 3 Series car, these features work together to keep you and your fellow passengers safe in the event of an unforeseen danger on the road. Included with this suite of features are Frontal Collision Warning and City Collision Mitigation with Braking


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BMW Personal Intelligent Assistant

Changing the temperature inside your vehicle or adjusting the radio can be unsafe and distracting. On the other hand, talking to automated systems is difficult and robotic. BMW’s Personal Intelligent Assistant responds to normal human dialogue, for maximum safety and convenience.


head up display in 2019 bmw 3

Larger Head-Up Display

BMW’s new head-up display is 75% larger than the outgoing model’s feature. This feature allows you to see pertinent data, information and notifications without taking your eyes off of the road. It’s smarter and easier to use/read than ever before.

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As you can see, the 2019 BMW 3 Series features some of the most cutting-edge and state-of-the-art automotive technology on the market.

From the robust, live cockpit and its 12.3-inch customizable instrumentation panel to the Active Protection and Active Guard features which keep you safe and do their job best when you don’t notice them working, you’ll find your 2019 BMW 3 Series to do more than it ever has before.

Combine that with brand-new architecutre, new powertrain options, a larger car that weighs less and a brand-new interior and you have a model that perfectly embodies the rich heritage BMW has cultivated as an industry leader.

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