2016 BMW X1 Topeka KS

Since 2009, the BMW X1 has been one of the smallest SUVs (and BMW’s smallest) on the market. Now, for 2016, the brand has worked to appeal more to the U.S. market, where more space is required. The second generation of the BMW X1 is now available, and it offers a turbocharged engine and a newly refurbished interior, while offering all the space needed to appease North American buyers.

Under the hood, a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder TwinPower engine, which should give the model the extra bit of oomph it may have been lacking in the years prior.

This engine in particular produces about 228 horsepower at 5,000 rotations per minute, while still maintaining its well-known efficiency. If you’re curious what the second generation 2016 BMW X1 in Topeka, KS has to offer on the interior, read on!


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Performance Interior Features Safety
2.0-Liter Inline 4 Engine 7-Speaker Audio Optional Heads-Up Display
228 Horsepower USB Connection Lane Departure Warning
All-Wheel Drive Cruise Control Forward Collision Warning
Automatic Transmission Leather Steering Wheel Traction Control

2016 BMW X1 interior and safety features

Inside the brand-new X1, an available 6.5-inch display screen offers drivers the ability to keep up with real time traffic information, BMW apps and so much more. Drivers who prefer a larger option can opt for an 8.8-inch display, which can come with an optional touchpad. While the interior has been redesigned, safety is another area in which BMW made improvements to the X1. Included in the Driver Assistance Plus Package, comes lane departure and forward collision warnings, giving drivers that extra peace of mind on the road.

For 2016, the BMW X1 adds more space, giving over an inch to the model’s height and interior legroom, as well as a noticeable amount of more cargo space.

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2016 BMW X1 Topeka KS front grille
2016 BMW X1 Topeka KS interior
2016 BMW X1 Topeka KS seating
2016 BMW X1 Topeka KS rear